Equant. The Whole World Is on the Air

A new giant whale has got into the telecommunications sea of Russia, the CIS and Baltic States. It is called Equant, an offsping of the marriage of Global One and Equant. True, both of these companies could be seen earlier in our market, but if the former has been operating since 1990 and by the time of the merger had possessed many kilometers optic fibre lines, the latter, in the main, had been working for airlines.

The Equant of today, represented in 220 countries of the world, is a leader in the field of the seamless data transmission network, corporative communication systems and their safety.

As Equant General Manager in Russia, the CIS and Baltic States, Tatyana Prokhorova, says, the companys international clients are business giants. Russias list of clients consists of entrepreneurs at all levels of business, including small business.