Luzhniki Inaugurates a New Season


Following the opening of the national football championship of Russia, Luzhniki, which is the main sports stadium in this country, has started a new spring-summer-autumn season. In an interview devoted to the occasion, heads of this sports complex, with General Director Vladimir Alyoshin at the head, told newsmen about their plans for the coming, busiest season of the year.

The Grand Sports Arena where football matches are played is the object of the stadium’s special pride. Vladimir Alyoshin re­called the 1960s, the times when the football arena attracted up to 70,000 spectators. Members of the Luzhniki personnel intend to do their best to attract as many football fans as possible. For this purpose maximum facilities will be provided, including special areas and seats intended for non-smokers.

Incidentally, this year nine top-class football fields have been prepared at the stadium. Synthetic covering of the third generation will be used experimentally.

A Children’s Township is waiting for young athletes; sports facilities for mass physical fitness pursuits and for summer sports have been opened.

Apart from football, the busy competitions program for the new season includes such tournaments as Youth Games of the CIS and Baltic States, the European Table-Tennis Championship, the Mayor’s Equestrian Cup.

By the end of the year the clothing-and-footwear market, now functioning on the territory of the stadium, will have been transferred to the nearby round-the-year fair.

The meeting of the sports complex’s leading personalities with Moscow journalists has shown that as before Luzhniki is one of the most favourite haunts of active recreation for Muscovites.