Sports fashion

Columbia Sportswear Presents

Active recreation and extreme sports materialized in clothes appeared in Moscow with the opening of a Columbia Sportswear shop in 6, Zemlyanoi Val. Among those who attended the presentation ceremony was the company’s head herself, the famous American lady Gertrude Boyle, or Mother Boyle, as she is also often called. Having taken the helm of the family enterprise, which was on the brink of bankruptcy at that time, she managed to turn it into the world’s leading produ­cer of clothes for sports and recreation.

The fabrics used by Columbia are original in design; they are light and seem to “breathe”. The company’s anorak-transformer has conquered the world.

Columbia stands for clothing for children and grown-ups, men and women. It is good for tourism, hunting, fishing, and for skiing from the steepest hillsides. Its distinguishing features are prestige and comfort.

Articles with the Columbia trademark are on sale in more than 150 shops of the CIS countries. A special line, taking the whims of the local climate into account, has been envisaged for residents of Russia.