Good Night, Kiddies

Among all sorts of extreme tipped on children from TV screens the program Good Night, Kiddies! stands out as a welcome present. After seeing it the child can really have a good night and a peaceful, sound sleep.

Appearing on the national channel (RTR), the program now has a new format. Together with the favourite doll old-timers Khryusha (Piggy) and Stepashka (Leveret) children are now being entertained and educated by Teddy bear called Mishutka.

The TV program Good Night, Kiddies! opens a new page in its 37-year history. New stage sets, its own animated cartoons, dolls walking about in the studio. The tradition to appear in prime time is not the only good thing inherited from the past. In the world of cruelty, rush and rapidly changing values by far not every child is being wished Good night! before he or she goes to bed. And if we forget or have no time to say this, let the TV program, on which we have grown, do it for us.