Business and the state are willing to cooperate in ensuring Russia’s economic security. This conclusion suggests itself from the results of the work of the Moscow conference “Economic Security of Russia: Strategy of Cooperation Between the State and Business.” It was organized by the Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship of Russia, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Russia with the support of the Security Co­uncil of the Russian Federation.

The discussion centred on such problematic issues as, for in­stance, imperfection of legislation, possible consequences of the country’s joining the WTO, the continuing drain of capital, obstacles raised on the road to attracting investments.

As Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Soltaganov pointed out at the conference, “the level of our country’s economic development still fails to meet the national security requirements,” and the task of doubling the gross domestic product (GDP) in the coming decade, set by the President of the Russian Federation in his annual message to the Federal Assembly, is of key importance for ensuring the economic security of the state.

Problems pertaining to small and medium-sized business were discussed as a separate issue at this forum.

The recommendations elaborated by the conference will be forwarded in the form of an analytical report prepared jointly with scientific experts to the Security Council of the Russian Federation, the Government of Russia and other legislative and executive bodies concerned to be used in working out conceptual documents in the field of national economic security.