Sports ball-room dancing. One of the most beautiful and specta­cular items of the Latin American program is the seque. It graphically shows the skill and individuality of dancers. Here each duet separately presents its own variation on Latino themes for a few minutes. The variety of compositions, music and costumes is amazing.

This year Russia got the right to host the world championship among professionals in the Latin American seque for the first time. The tournament of such high rank was held in Moscow. The fate of the champions’ title was decided on the parquet of the Kremlin Palace in a stiff competition of the world’s finest dancing cou­ples from Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Po­land, Russia, the USA, France, and Japan.

Our country was represented by celebrated sports dancers, twice champions of Russia, finalists of world and European championships Sergei Ryupin and Elena Khvorova as well as outstan­ding performers, participants in prestigious international compe­titions Oleg and Elvira Romanov.

The nine-man panel of referees included, among others, such celebrities as Karl Breuer (Germany), Paul Harris (Great Britain) and Larisa Davidova (Russia).

All compositions were superb. The audience warmly applauded every couple, particularly the finalists. The technically brilliant dancing, original compositions, music and costumes enabled Sergey Ryupin and Elena Khvorova to produce a dance miniature which they performed with enviable smoothness and which bro­ught them the champions’ title.

Silver went to the Michal Malitowski–Joanna Leunis duet of Poland. Their performance in the extra-modern style will be long remembered by the spectators.

Bronze was won by the Japanese couple Yoshihiro and Hidemi Yamamoto, whose dancing literally cast a spell over the audience by its dynamism, drive and rhythm.

Oliver Seefeldt and Anna Mosmann (Germany) captured fourth pla­ce. They were followed by Japanese dancers–Atsuki Omura and Megumi Wada (fifth place). The fact that two Japanese duets reached the finals testifies to a notable headway made by the school of sports dancing in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The championship gave sports dancing fans a memorable meeting with universally recognized stars as a present and brought new names and talents to light.