Nostalgia Opens Up Prospects


The first cineforum, the Family Cinema, held in Moscow immediately won its spectators. Intended to draw public attention to the problems of the family and teenagers and give examples of their solution, this new film-festival project proved to be more than topical.

Its program included premieres, a retrospective show of films made in the 1950s, presentation of films devoted to cinematographic families and dynasties. The films Childrens VillagesSOS produced with the support of Rolan Bykovs Foundation were officially presented at the Moscow State Social University within the framework of the forum. Its organizers held a Day of the Moscow Childrens Foundation in the Khanzhonkov House where children from needy and problematic families were shown new animated cartoons.

The high standard of the cineforum was achieved largely thanks to the sponsorship of the Legal Technologies of the 21st Century and the Partner foundations as well as the Interomega and Elita Companies. In the opinion of its organizers, participants and guests, the cineforum was a success, bringing as it did to light the nostalgic feeling for our native cinema, and it has every prerequisite for growth.