The Heights of a Sky Show


It was a fantastic competition in every respect, said Angela Nichols, a charming American sky-diver from the team bearing a committable name of Golden Knights, after her demonstration parachute jump. Im anxious to come here again next year.

Angelas impressions conveyed accurately the moods and opinions of participants in the IPC Anton Malevsky Memorial World Cup held in the Stupino aerodrome outside Moscow. The competitions lasted several days during which sky-divers demonstrated their skill and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the Cup, the cultural program, which was crowned with a gala concert, featuring stars of the Russian and foreign variety stage, and also an unprecedented aero-show presented by the Rus piloting group.

Anton Malevsky was a worthy man. He served in the airborne troops, then became a prominent entrepreneur, sponsoring his favourite parachute-jumping sport, which he took to at the a mature age. His life broke off tragically in 2001 during sky-diving.

In 2002, in memory of their friend, the Valery Chkalov Central Flying Club and Antons comrades organized international competitions, which enjoyed such prestige that early this year they were granted the status of a World Cup.

In the Stupino aerodrome Russian parachutists performed admirably. The Russia-1 and Russia-2 teams took the first and second places, respectively, in the team rating (both mens and womens categories). The third places went to Byelorussian teams.

In the individual rating for the precision of landing all prize-winning places were captured by representatives of Russia. Dmitry Maksimov and Svetlana Klyonina won the champions titles.

Only in the group acrobatics the team of Russia (Sky Panthers) had to be content with the third place. In this event the day was carried by the US team Deland Majik, last years winner. The second place went to the Sinapsi PD team of Italy.

The World Cup attracted numerous spectators, it is easy to surmise that with years the audience will grow in size. And judging from appearances, it is not long before the problem of the development of the guest infrastructure will have to be dealt with.


Alexander BUTSENIN.